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Golf for Beginners


We have several hosting Golf Packages designed especially for you.


golf for beginners


For those of you wish to start learning to play golf, we offer the best professionals to guide and train you from the ground up. With our excellent facilities, our initiation activities are completely customizable according to your needs.

  1. Taster Session
    One hour short session to find out more about the sport, tour the golfing club, meet a golfing instructor, learn the basics and hit some balls in a mini-coaching session.

  2. Beginner Course
    A step-by-step guide to the basics in five-weeks courses. Learn from grip and posture to golf etiquette and how to play a full game.

  3. Learn golf in a day
    This is a five-hour course to learn all the basics

  4. Improvers Course
    Build on the skills you learned in the beginner sessions and start playing regular rounds, ideal way to meet other aspiring golfers.



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